This week’s Grouper Guide

We hope you’re getting excited for your Grouper this week!

Your Concierge will be in touch with more details on logistics, but in the meantime, here are a few things to help get you ready. In honour of our official London launch, this week’s Grouper Guide newsletter is London themed! Make sure you read with a British accent, mate! :-)

Conversation starters from around the Internet:

Get in the zone with this Spotify playlist:

Venue highlights to continue the Grouper night:

London: Central & Co - Our highest rated venue yet!
Boston: Red Lantern - The ‘Tao’ of Boston in super happenin’ Back Bay.
DC: Black Jack - Indoor Bocce court!

For those of us in the US of A who didn’t get a chance to attend the London launch party, check out some pics from the night! (Yes, we were were on a boat and yup, there was a horse involved).

As always, get in touch with your Concierge if you have any questions. See you on your Grouper!

It’s Official: Grouper is Live in London [Photos From Our Epic Launch Party!]

What started in New York City, and spread across the U.S. has finally crossed the pond: Grouper Social Club is now live in London.

Why London for our first European outpost? Because of you! The young, hungry and time crunched. The famous nightlife, the London eye, the clean streets of Mayfair and the gritty alleys of Shoreditch.

We also know how hard it is to meet new people outside of work these days, and we’re really excited to help YOU, our members, make new friends, 3 at a time.

Last Wednesday, April 9th, we set sail back to the Elizabethan “offline” era to mark the occasion in the most symbolic of ways. Here’s a taste of our epic London Launch Party, brilliantly put together by the infamous party planners…


With famed creative events agency Bompas & Parr, we were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “Drink Like Drake” aboard the Golden Hinde, the famous ship captained by Sir Francis Drake himself, which circled the globe twice during the 16th century.

Although its glory days are over, it now rests along the Thames River in London. We stepped into the famed adventurer’s shoes for the night and time travelled back to 1563. 


Upon checking in, guests were given a scroll with their itinerary for the night.


After some drinks and chatting, guests formed into groups in true Grouper 3-on-3 style.


A mixologist shared the history behind the cocktail, which story has it, was invented by Sir Francis Drake. Because water harboured bacteria in the 1500s, most sailors drank alcohol, which they’d invigorate with spices from the ship’s cargo.


The mixologist taught guests how to concoct their own cocktails, before bottling it up to be judged at the end of the night.


Following the cocktail festivities, guests could explore the boat and stop by the fortune teller to see into their future.


Finally, it was time for a surprise…


… and in trotted a gorgeous white horse who stole the spotlight for the rest of the night! 


In true Grouper style, our special London guests had the chance to do things a bit out of the ordinary and mingle with new people. A night that will live on in our history! 

Just so you know, London isn’t going to be our last stop. We’ll be launching in other UK cities over the next few months so stay tuned for updates and more spectacular Grouper events!

The Historical Tale Behind London’s 10 Favourite Cocktails & the Best Spots to Drink Them

It’s no secret that Grouper loves cocktails. In honour of our Drink Like Drake-themed launch party in London this week, we journeyed around the world to excavate the origins of your favourite classic cocktails, and found out the best London spots to sample each one. Cheers, proost, la chaim, na zdrowie!


1. Bloody Mary

The origin behind this spicy “hair of the dog” drink is a little hazy. We do know it’s named after Queen Mary I of England, nicknamed Bloody Mary because of her 16th century execution of hundreds Protestants. The most common tale says the drink was invented in the 1920s at New York Bar in Paris, a popular hangout spot for creative dudes like Ernest Hemingway. Because vodka and tomato juice were a common drink combo at the time, this Parisian bar took it up a notch by adding pepper, worcestershire sauce, celery, and lemon.

Where to find it: The Hawksmoor boasts multiple locations around London, most notably Spitalfields and Seven Dials. Their classic Mary comes extra-thick, said to be made from a passata base. Want to be a bit more adventurous? Try their “Mary of the Month”, which was once made with mustard, garlic, and cayenne pepper! Good enough reason to prolong your hangover?


2. Margarita

The powerful combination of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter are unique to the classic Mexican margarita. Inspired by the elements of a traditional tequila shot (tequila, salt, and lime), it was created into a tastier delight when fussy customers at a restaurant in 1930s Tijuana demanded something more palatable. The tale goes that the drink was named after the beautiful woman who first requested it.

Where to find it: Mexican street food kitchen Wahaca has expanded throughout London, so it’s the perfect landmark to pop in for a refreshing margarita in whichever part of town you may be. Keeping true to their Mexican roots, all of their cocktails are tequila-based.


3. Classic Martini

A chilled glass, the purest gin, a touch of dry vermouth, and an olive to top it off—it’s an iconic American drink. Most accounts would say the martini has been around since the 19th century, named after the Californian town “Martinez”, where locals leisurely enjoyed the cocktail. It ironically gained its popularity during the Prohibition era, when gin was the most readily available spirit. Whether shaken or stirred, the modern day martini has evolved far beyond its old-fashioned roots.

Where to find it: If the classic martini is what tickles your fancy, Callooh Callay will surely impress. Their salt and vinegar-infused martini will sink into any Londoner’s heart with its added smoked sea salt and a sherry vinegar syrup, topped off with a sea salt spray and assorted olives.


4. Cuba Libre

You could refer it it simply as a “rum and coke”, but it’s so much more than that. The drink’s roots date back to the time Cuba gained its independence, when off-duty American soldiers in Havana enjoyed the refreshing drink and toasted to Cuba’s independence: “Por Cuba Libre!”.

Where to find it: Where better to enjoy this delectable mix than in an authentic atmosphere? Cuba Libre in Islington will serve up the ingredients for a Cuban night out without leaving London.


5. Whiskey Sour

It’s said to date back to the 1700s when British sailors added lime to their liquor to prevent scurvy. In 1962, a Peruvian newspaper cited Elliot Stubb, an English steward of a ship named Sunshine, as the inventor of the drink. The classic combination of whiskey, lemon juice, sugar and an optional egg white today is still just as appetizing as ever.

Where to find it: Enjoy it in true Prohibition style at the hidden Shoreditch bar Nightjar. Their “Delicious Sour” comes with a crab apple infusion, bee pollen syrup and oolong foam. So what if you don’t know what oolong foam is? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


6. Mojito

Born straight out of Cuba, at a time when cheap rum simply wasn’t drinkable solo, farmers did what they could to make it taste better. With mint, sugarcane, and lime in abundance, our favourite summer cocktail took its form. Soon after it was being served at the hottest spots around Cuba’s beaches, before spreading around the world.

Where to find it: The mojito is a tough one to get just right, but London Cocktail Club knows a thing or two about it. With six wedges of lime and twelve sprigs of mint to a glass, the bartender gives it a firm muddle and it’s good to go. There’s a lot of love in that.


7. Negroni

This classically strong gin cocktail takes its cool back story from a real person, Count Camillo Negroni, an Italian nobleman who also spent some time touring America as a gambling rodeo cowboy. In 1919, he asked a bartender at Florence’s Caffee Rivoire to strengthen his then trendy Americano (campari, sweet vermouth, and soda) with gin. The family Negroni went on to found the Negroni Distillerie.

Where to find it: Tucked away in a cosy basement on Hoxton Square, Happiness Forgets serves up a delectable range of cocktails. Their crisp and cool Negroni is one you definitely won’t forget.


8. Cosmopolitan

A more modern drink, the cosmo is said to have been invented in South Beach, Miami (not New York City!). When famous bartender Cheryl Cook decided the overly popular martini was too boring, she set to creating something more “visually stunning”. The pink of cranberry juice did just that, thus making it a favourite for women worldwide.

Where to find it: Head down to the Covent Garden Cocktail Club to enjoy a straight-up cosmo infused with orange bitters and zest. The best part? Their 2-for-1 Happy Hour Tuesday through Saturday from 5-7pm and all night Monday.


9. Sangria

It’s perhaps one of Spain’s most prized symbols, dating back 2,000 years to when Romans made their way through the Iberian Peninsula, planting vineyards in their path. The alcohol in wine killed off the bacteria in water, and herbs and spices helped make the wine taste better. An accidental combination made this drink a popular one, which we now enjoy with alcohol-soaked fresh fruit and much smoother bottles of red.

Where to find it: A pitcher of sangria simply cannot be enjoyed without a variety of tapas. That’s why we’d hands down suggest Boqueria, a lovely little tapas establishment south of the river in Clapham that offers some seriously punchy pitchers. A great place for a large group!


10. Gin & Tonic

No one can argue that the killer combination of the great G and T makes for London’s most-loved drink. It was first introduced by the British East India Company in the 1700s when they discovered the main ingredient in tonic water, quinine, helped prevent malaria. Tonic originally mixed with lime, gin, and a bit of sugar to fight its bitter taste. Needless to say, the rest is history.

Where to find it: There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to a Londoner’s gin and tonic. Take yourself back in time at 214 Bermondsey Gin & Cocktail Bar, a speakeasy hidden behind an Italian restaurant offering abundant gin varieties to sample with your tonic and lime.

Want to enjoy these cocktails 3-on-3 style at the very best places around London? Start by signing up for a Grouper!

London, meet Ruth!

When you sign up for a Grouper adventure, one of the best perks is your very own Grouper Guide. Our team of friendly Guides takes the lead on nitty gritty details like scheduling, finding cool venues, hand picking the other crew you’re going to meet, and hooking you up with a round of pre-game drinks, so all you have to do is focus on rallying for the adventure. 

London - we’d like to introduce you to your Grouper Guide, Ruth!


What’s your back story?

Originally Northern Ireland, but I now call Dalston, North East London home.

How did you find your way to Team Grouper?

I heard about the buzz from American friends who have been on Groupers in New York and San Francisco, and I wanted to get in on it! When I looked on their Instagram and website, all the members and staff seemed to be having so much fun….what more could you ask for from a job?!

What are you most excited about as a Grouper Guide?

I’m excited to help people make new connections and explore new places in the city. I’m a huge fan of London, and am always on the look out for something new to do. I’m looking forward to helping people have fun here, make friends, and love the city like I do!

Tell us about your first Grouper. Details!

I went with 2 girlfriends to a really nice cocktail bar called Christopher’s in Soho. I can honestly say they were the best cocktails I’ve ever had in London! We hung out there for a couple of hours with the boys, (getting the waitress involved with a #Groupergram of course!) then headed to a club in Soho. The club was totally ridiculous and cheesy, which made the whole experience into a hilarious story. By the end of the night we were challenging each other on who could bust the best moves to LMFAO.

What’s your favorite place to hang out in London?

I love Shoreditch. There are so many unique concept places with hidden rooms like The Breakfast Club’s secret room in the Smeg fridge. I’m a big fan of dive bars, so I love places like Moustache Bar in Dalston. For a big night out I head to Coronet Theatre, you can tear it up on the dance floor, or sit upstairs and watch the carnage unfold.

London is amazing. How would you spend the perfect day?

I’m a total nerd at heart, so my ideal day would start with a trip to either the Natural History or the Victoria and Albert Museum. After that I’d head over to Hampstead Heath for a walk. Parliament Hill has an amazing view over the city, and I like the unkempt vibe of the Heath. I’d then head to Camden for some lunch and shopping. I love vintage clothes and old band t-shirts, and getting hassled by the street food vendors is part of the fun! After that I’d head back east and meet friends in London Fields to catch the last rays of sun.

When you’re not busy planning adventures, what do you do?

My passion is music, so discovering new DJs and bands is one of my favourite things to do. London has so many cool, quirky and crazy venues that even if the acts suck you can still have a great time! From sweaty basements with underground punk bands to massive super-clubs with lazer shows and famous DJs…there is always something insane going on!

Why is London the best city in the world?

London is a city of opposites and juxtapositions. You could be walking along a cobblestone Victorian street with the Tower of London just round the corner, and then in the background you have a state of the art skyscraper. London is also home to some of the most progressive fashion enthusiasts I’ve seen. Trends are born here and play out on our city streets; you can wear what you want and be whoever you want to be!

What advice would you give to members for their Grouper?

Embrace the adventure! You never know where the night is going to lead you, or what new connection you are going to make. Keep an open mind and just have fun with it!

Which two celebrity crews would you love to send on a Grouper?

Love ‘em, or hate ‘em, you know they’d have a good time and I’d bet at least one of them would get arrested: Kesha, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Russell Brand, Prince Harry, Aaron Paul.

Want to say hi or get your Grouper adventure started? Reach out to Ruth at

This Week’s Grouper Guide


We hope you’re getting excited for your Grouper this week!

Your Concierge will be in touch with more details on logistics, but in the meantime, here are a few things to help get you ready.

Conversation starters from around the Internet:

Get in the zone with this Spotify playlist:

Venue highlights to continue the Grouper night:

NYC: Mulberry Project - Speakeasy cocktails, in pitcher size.

SF: Redford - Strategically situated in the Tenderloin for bar hopping.

Seattle: Anchors Down - Coffee cocktail with nitrous for those late nights.

#Groupergram inspiration of the week:

Read our tips on how to take a winning Groupergram.

As always, get in touch with your Concierge if you have any questions. See you on your Grouper!

Leading Your Grouper


Let’s talk about leading a Grouper. You’ve gotten through the application process, picked your night, and educated yourself on the basic, but vital, tips. Now its time to step up and lead; here’s what to expect:

Rally your pals

Here’s a reminder how to pick the lucky two, but as a lead, its your job to take it even further, and make sure your friends are in the right mindset to take on the night. Have a pre-drink, check out some #GrouperGrams, and discuss some second location options to move to with the group after a few rounds.


While your guide is handling all the logistics for your night, make sure to keep her looped in to what’s going on with you. It’s best to have your friends sign up directly on the site so they will get all the necessary information, but do keep your guide abreast of how the night is progressing. She’ll also have some great suggestions on what to get into next.

Conversation starters 

Don’t let things get awkward, be sure to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Stagger up the seating, play 2 truths and a lie, never have I ever, and maybe even a little truth or date. Either way, having a few questions to ask or games to play in your back pocket will set you up for success.

Down for a good time

You’ve put in the effort and now its time to have some fun. Be ready to roll with some punches, step out of your comfort zone, and get a little wild on a work night. All for the sake of fun. We take note of how open and fun each of our members are so make sure to do us proud!

Now that you’re ready to lead, book a Grouper here. 

This Week’s Grouper Guide


We hope you’re getting excited for your Grouper this week!

Your Concierge will be in touch with more details on logistics, but in the meantime, here are a few things to help get you ready.

Helpful links:

How does Grouper pick the other crew?

Grouper Do’s and Dont’s

Get in the zone with this Spotify playlist:

Conversation starters from around the Internet:

Venue highlights to continue the Grouper night:

Atlanta: Park Bench - Lively dueling pianos bar with skeeball!

Toronto: Pravda Vodka Bar - We hear they have vodka here, lots of it.

Philly: Kings Oak - Games! Warning: things could get crazy with Cards of Humanity…

#Groupertext of the week:


As always, get in touch with your Concierge if you have any questions. See you on your Grouper!

-The Grouper Team

7 April Fool’s Jokes To Play On Your Wingman

It’s nearly April 1st, the one day of the year that’s dedicated solely to pranking your friends. We’re motivated to make this day an entertaining one for all Grouper members (besides those getting pranked, of course).

Try these 7 suggestions for pranks to play on your wingman (or woman) this April Fool’s Day:

1. Tell your wingman the Grouper outing has a theme.


This one’s actually happened before, when a guy told his mates the Grouper was Tour de France themed, so they came dressed in full-on spandex and bike gear. Needless to say the girls were confused, but everyone had a good laugh. 

2. Download the cracked screen app and set it as your wingman’s screensaver.


Accidentally drop his phone during your Grouper outing and watch his reaction when he picks it up thinking it’s been smashed!

3. Switch contacts in your wingman’s phone.


Change your wingman’s ‘mum’ contact to the girl he’s been talking to (and really fancies) from your last Grouper outing. 

4. Turn your wingman’s bedroom into a princess room.


Make everything as pink as possible, and don’t forget the unicorn stuffed animals! This would work perfectly if you knew he’d be bringing a girl home after a date. 

5. Before your wingman has a hot date, place this note in his medicine cabinet:


6. Put plastic wrap on your wingman’s toilet seat.


When he wakes up at 3am, he’ll enjoy a lovely, half asleep surprise in the bathroom.

7. Put black food colouring on the rim of your wingman’s drink during your next Grouper.


Naturally he won’t notice it getting all over his face, and everyone else will have a good laugh.

Want to play a prank on your wingman during a Grouper outing? Make sure to sign up!

Picking Your Crew


Groupers are a shared experience, that’s one of the things that make it so special. You’re out with your crew so there’s none of that potential one on one awkwardness.

We get a lot of questions from our member wanting to know who to bring along with them. In short… Your best mate from University? Yes! Your new Boss? Probably not.

Who? Bring your best mates, the crew that you go out with regularly. A close-knit group who regularly hangs out together pretty much ensures that you’re comfortable, can roll with the evening, and definitely increases your chances of having an extraordinary night.

Scheduling: We are running Groupers every Thursday night in London right now, so there’s no shortage of options. You can reserve a spot for your crew any time through the Grouper site or app. If all goes well the night before, you may not be presentable first thing, so we do recommend planning to take it a bit slower that following Friday morning. Time for recovery and hydration is key. :-)
When you invite your mates, make sure to remind them to complete the Grouper application too. We want to keep your whole crew in mind when we’re handpicking the opposite crew to hook you up with. 

Getting Ready: You’ve got your Thursday reserved. Your mates booked and signed up, and moved that early meeting to the afternoon. The Wednesday before your Grouper, we’ll send you the venue info and confirmed time. Make sure to share it with your crew too!  
Pro tip for getting ready: have your mates over for a pre-drink, or hit the pub a few minutes early for a warm-up drink. It makes for a much smoother transition from work and into a killer night out.

Now that you’ve got your crew in mind, reserve your Grouper.

The Grouper Fellow Program

When it comes to hiring, we make sure that everyone we extend a job offer to is someone that we want to spend time with, even outside of the office

That’s why we’re announcing the Grouper Fellow Program! Anyone who receives an offer from Grouper gets the awesome perks of being a full time employee, whether they accept the offer or not.

Namely, when you’re a Grouper Fellow, you get:

  • Free drinks for lifeYour Groupers are free, and we’re buying the first round.

  • A puppy from a shelter (we’ll fund the adoption).

  • Invitations to all of our company parties and events.

Check out the open positions. Our tenure is your tequila.

-Tom Brown (@nottombrown)